Brilliant Handpicked Negative Space Logo Designs

Simplicity and creativity are the two words that make a perfect logo. Designing a simple logo may be an easy task but designing it with creativity is not at all an easier one.

There are so many creative techniques used by the logo designers. The recent and popular technique is designing a logo using negative space. The space around the key elements in photography, websites and logo designs are said to be negative space.

This technique looks visually appealing and also it can deliver a message in a creative manner. So, we are now ready to entertain you with the collection of logos designed using negative space.

1. Face 2Face

2. Elefont

3. Wine Quotations

4. Hafiz Bacote

5. North Ridge homes

6. Catch 5

7. Blue Dog Properties

8. Jurassic wine

9. Snooty Peacock

10. Institute of Folk Arts

11. Treacy Shoes

12. Weisinger Music

13. Wine Forest

14. He

15. Eight bones

16. Fork & Knife

17. Pendulum

18. Happy cat fish

19. Quote kid

20. Portrait photo

21. Via

22. Helping hand for pets

23. Fiska

24. Propane

25. Paint the city

26. Eagle Mountain Capital

27. Emerald Dental

28. Locks

29. Shift

30. White Washers

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